The Amazon Affiliate program provides a percentage of all sales to sites that send it traffic. Depending on volume and excepting some categories of products, the percentage can be as high as 8.5%. 

Amazon tracks this traffic with a small code at the end of a URL; ours is "runtohonor-20".  By using one of the extensions below, any time you shop on (unless you've already clicked on someone else's affiliate link) you'll be helping support Run To Honor. This extension will cost you nothing additional, will not impact the performance of your computer, and will not affect your privacy in any way.

How to Help - For Free, and Without Any Extra Effort

Firefox users:

  1. From Firefox, visit
  2. Click "Add to Firefox", then "install"
  3. In the menu bar, select "Tools" and then "Add-ons"
  4. Select "Extensions" on the left and then click on "preferences" under the AffiliateFox extension
  5. Next to "" enter runtohonor-20 . Just copy and paste it!

Safari users:

  1. Click here to download this small extension.
  2. Save it somewhere you can locate easily -- the desktop works well.
  3. Double click on the file; it is named "Affiliatizer.safariextz". Click install.
  4. In the menu bar, select "Safari" and then "Preferences".
  5. Select "Extensions" at the top of the window, then select Affilitizer for Safari.
  6. Replace the codes with runtohonor-20 . Just copy and paste it!

Tablet (iPad, Kindle, Android), Chrome, & Internet Explorer users:

Sorry! This is technically possible to do on Chrome or Internet Explorer, but is excessively cumbersome; it's functionally impossible on the tablets. Please bookmark and access Amazon via this link instead!


This isn't the most intuitive process in the world, even if you're familiar with computers. If you're having trouble, please don't give up! Email Pat McConnell for help.